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Aserve has a large number of Agents who work within the Cavan area and its surrounding counties.  Agents are fully licenced by the Private Security Authority and the Client has the benefit of knowing that the service provided by Aserve and it’s Agents is fully regulated and complies with all regulations governing the location or tracing of an individual.  If often happens that a subject will have moved geographically and the Agent will interact with other Agents to establish the new residential address for the subject.    As Aserve provides a nationwide service this ensures the Client the best possible chance of a positive outcome in a trace or serve.

All Agents are retired members of the Gardai who bring over 30 years exemplary service to the business.  This includes an in depth knowledge of the service of legal documents to include summons, court papers, witness summons, debt claim notices and subpoenas.

All Agents undergo a full background check and a thorough training schedule before being employed by Aserve and before they can commence serves or traces.  Annual mandatory training and up-skilling is an Aserve requirement for each Agent and for the Research staff.

Training for Agents:

Serve of documents – ensuring all guidelines are complied with fully

Correct endorsement of documents

Correct completion of Aserve Declaration Forms

Health & Safety Training

IT training on Aserve internal email and tracking system, which is used by Clients, Agents and Research Staff.