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Aserve have eight working agents in the Westmeath area and the surrounding counties.   These Agents who are all retired members of the Gardaí bring an in-depth knowledge of the local rural areas in this area and all areas in the country are covered by these Agents. Agents will travel to any area to attempt to serve a document or to trace a subject as required.

As stated, all Agents are retired Gardaí and so bring over 30 years’ experience of legal and investigative procedures to the role.  In addition to this Aserve ensures that all Agents and Research staff are licensed by the Private Security Authority and undergo a fully comprehensive training process in the area of document serving and tracing.

This training includes:

it is a requirement that any summons server who undertakes enquiries about an individual is licensed. Aserve Clients have the benefit of knowing that Aserve is fully regulated and compliant with all regulations governing location or tracing of a subject.   All Agents carry their PSA Licence and Aserve Identity Card with them at all times when making enquiries so both Clients and subjects can be assured of the genuine nature of their enquiries.