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Aserve provides all our clients with a comprehensive financial investigation service. Our researchers and investigators run complete background checks on subjects for many financial institutions. Financial investigations of this kind occur when an individual has failed to liaise with either their bank or credit union to repay their debt. In some instances, the information that our clients have on a subject is out-dated and obsolete due to lack of communication from a subject. In this case, Aserve undertakes a Status / Lifestyle investigation and prepares a comprehensive report on an individual / company etc.

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A Lifestyle / Status report is an asset trace with the added value of personal information and property / occupancy check. When we receive a request to carry out a Status / Lifestyle Report, as part of that we will carry out the following in-depth research; Our expert researchers will first prepare a desktop investigation, which can include research as follows; Land Registry, CRO, Electoral Registers, Probate, Newspapers & Specialist Genealogy websites & numerous other search engines. When the researcher has completed the desktop report, they will prepare instructions for a field agent to visit the area the subjects resides, or have business or property interests.

We have a network of over 50 field agents (all retired gardai) geographically spread throughout the entire country has intimate knowledge of each county and its inhabitants. The field agent will make inquiries in the localities of interest and report back as to the current position. Our field agents will photograph properties and speak to occupants of the building to get details as to how long they are in situ or speak to neighbours and get all possible information. This sum of this knowledge and local intelligence, plus the information gathered by our expert researchers is invaluable when preparing such a Lifestyle / Status Report.

A Status / Lifestyle Report is more extensive for subjects with a larger portfolio of businesses interests and properties. A subject with a larger number of connections, can possibly be involved with several businesses and this is where the experience of our researchers and the local knowledge of our field agents is invaluable. Our field agent will complete a detailed report for inclusion in the Status / Lifestyle report being prepared by the Aserve researcher. Very similar to an asset trace with the added value of personal information.

Important information to note

Aserve holds a strong emphasis on data protection, ensuring we provide legal and financial institutions with information legitimately obtained. We understand the importance of supplying financial and legal clients with data that is used to make next step decisions. We also guarantee the collected data legitimacy and accuracy if it required in a legal case at a later stage.

We are careful not to include information on third parties (family members etc.) to a subject except by way of reference.

Our aim is to have all Status / Lifestyle reports completed within four weeks maximum. Financial Status / Lifestyle Reports provide the details of the current circumstances for the invested individual while fully complying with data protection regulations.

All information in the Status / Lifestyle Report is sourced through public media and our field agent network.