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Corporate Sector Services:

With over 1,000 clients Aserve is the largest provider of specialist ancillary services to the Legal, Financial, Insurance, Corporate, Government & Local Government agencies in Ireland. For the corporate sector we supply services to;

  • Property Management companies
  • Agri Development & Supplies sector
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health & Leisure etc.
  • Services sector generally.

Why Choose Aserve?

Best success rates in the business - 95% success rate for Process Serving / Summons serving & up to 90% success rate for Tracing persons.
Aserve can provide services directly to those companies, via their legal departments or through solicitors acting. The corporate sector companies have found our Process Serving, Tracing, Occupancy Checks and Status Report services very useful. Feedback from clients is very positive and as a result we would like to build on that positive feedback to develop our business. Aserve strive to achieve the highest operating standards and we appreciate the highly regulated environment our clients work in. We operate to the highest standards and meet the all the auditing standards set by the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO ) & the Private Security Authority of Ireland ( PSA ).
Staff: Our highly experienced staff possess expertise in a wide variety of backgrounds from the Legal, Financial, Corporate & Insurance, Ancestry / Genealogy, & Policing sectors.

A team with this range of expertise gets the best possible outcome for all clients. Our tracing & status reports, process serving / summons serving, occupancy checks etc. are checked thoroughly to ensure they are concise and fully complete before they are returned. Training and personal development of staff was given the highest priority within Aserve.
The staff and management all work out of our headquarters office and our field agents have access to the best possible advice from experienced professional managers, 24/7 assistance and advice.
Our promise: We guarantee the best possible service delivered in a timely manner, coordinated and managed to the highest standard.