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Occupancy / Property Checks include a site visit by a field inquiry agent to check, verify & establish if it is occupied / un-occupied / rented etc. The report to the client will be detailed and include, Field agents report, Land registry map, Eircode and address, Description of location, Recent photographs taken by the inquiry field agent, Google photo & map of the location.

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Sometimes our clients are unsure whether a property is occupied or vacant. Aserve will prepare a detailed instruction for a field agent and carry out a site visit and establish the facts. Is the property occupied or vacant. Our field agent will report their findings and if the property was occupied report who or how many reside there etc. As part of the Occupancy / Property Check, our field agent will photograph the property and speak to occupants of the building to get details as to how long they are in situ or speak to neighbours and get all possible information. An Aserve agent can also do a drive by and report back on activity.

If you wish to establish and verify the current status of a property Aserve have a nationwide network of field agents with unrivalled knowledge of their areas and its inhabitants. This local knowledge is invaluable when carrying out Occupancy / Property checks.

Verifiable, credible information collected in a legitimate manner is invaluable to a client when making informed decisions on how best to proceed in cases where occupancy may be an issue.

Our experienced field agents will look for and recognise any signs of occupation and if a client requires can hand deliver correspondence / letter to the address.