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Aserve have Five PSA Licensed Agents operating in the Mayo area and its bordering counties.   All areas of Mayo are covered by these Agents.   These Agents are licensed to perform traces and serve summons and are trained to the highest level in the execution of same.

All Agents are licensed with the PSA and operate within the guidelines of the licence.   They carry valid PSA Licences and their Aserve Identity card with them at all times when carrying out their duties for Aserve.     This is visible to subjects when they are talking to the Aserve Agent.  Though it is not mandatory to have a PSA Licence to serve summon or operate as a process server, Aserve is committed to providing the highest quality service possible and ensuring all Agents are licensed gives Clients the assurance that Agents are operating in a regulated and compliant manner.

As all agents are former Garda member who have a proven exemplary track record from their time in service this also provides the Client with the reassurance that people of the highest calibre are dealing with their enquiries.    All Agents have many years experience in the service of the various legal documents and of the court system.  They are available to collect documents from the High Court from Clients if immediate service is required.

As the largest process serving and tracing establishment in the country Aserve is committed to providing the highest quality positive results and in keeping with this Aserve is certified to the highest standards:

PSA Licence No. 06002

ISO 14001:2015 Enviromental Management Company

ISO 9001:2015, Quality Assured Company