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Aserve has a large number of Agents who work within the Kerry area and its bordering counties.   Aserve provides a nationwide service this ensure the Client the best possible chance of a positive outcome in a trace or serve.

Agents are fully licenced by the Private Security Authority and the Client has the benefit of knowing that the service provided by Aserve and it’s Agents is fully regulated and complies with all regulations governing the location or tracing of an individual.

All the Aserve Kerry Summons Servers and Kerry Tracing agents are certified and licensed as follows:

Private Security Authority Licence No. 06002.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified Company.

ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System

Aserve have set fees and no travel charges. A minimum of three attempts at service is guaranteed, however, given the quality and tenacity of the Aserve Agents, it is often they will exceed this number of attempts to try ensure the successful service of the documents.

All Agents undergo a full background check and a thorough training schedule before being employed by Aserve and before they can commence serves or traces.  Annual mandatory training and up-skilling is an Aserve requirement for each Agent and for the Research staff.