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With our network of over 50 tracing agents located in every county and a team of experienced desktop researchers and tracing managers Aserve delivers the highest positive results in the most-timely manner. Our research may include (Land Registry, CRO, Electoral Registers, Probate, Newspapers, Specialist Genealogy websites & numerous other search engines). It may also include specialist UK address checks & search engines. Flat rate fee – No travel charges within ROI. Up to 90% success rate.

One Point of Contact


High Level Reporting

Data Protection

TRACING: Aserve provide tracing services with set fees and no travel charges throughout the entire country. We are proud of our standards & accreditations, which are as follows:
ISO-9001Quality Company Accreditation
ISO-14001 Environmental Management Accreditation
PSA 42 Private Investigation Contractor Assessment Standard.

We have over 50 tracing field agents who have an intimate knowledge of every county and its inhabitants. We have tracing agents in every county in Ireland.  All trace inquiries, are managed from our head office by a team of highly trained, motivated and knowledgeable managers, researchers and administration staff. We provide our legal clients with a professional and timely service. They coordinate and manage our tracing agent inquiries and ensure all possible lead are followed to achieve a successful outcome.


Our office researchers and Aserve management are skilled in desktop research, including all forms of Social-Media, Print Media, Probate, Land Registry, CRO and numerous specialist search engines. It may also include specialist UK address checks & search engines. This ensures our field agents are provided with the most accurate information possible when beginning their field agent inquiries.


All our tracing agents are retired Gardai (police) or retired Northern Ireland Police personnel, who all have over 30 years in the police. A clean and exemplary service record is required. Our tracing agents, office managers, and researchers have experience in Policing, Banking, Insurance, Genealogy and Probate sectors. They are aware of what is required and can assist our field agents and clients alike. Our trace inquiries meet all the requirements of the financial services industry in regard to Confidentiality, Data Protection and Consumer Protection code.

Data Protection

We treat all information and data gathered in the most compliant manner possible. All our staff and inquiry trace agents treat information and data with the upmost sensitivity. Compliance and confidentiality is our highest priority.

Our Process

Aserve trace inquiries use a combination of desktop research by experienced researchers, local agent intelligence and field agent enquiries. Our results are much higher than normal and that is down to the way our team of office researchers use their desktop expertise to carry out their investigation and provide the best quality information to the field agents. The inquiry field agents know their locality and its inhabitants which is of vital importance to getting positive results and information that can be used relied upon to swear an affidavit for court purposes afterwards.

Measuring Trace Inquiry Success

Our legal clients use Aserve continually for trace inquiries because we get the best results in the most legally compliant manner possible. Likewise, our financial and other clients are very impressed with our trace results and the quality of our trace reports. We have located persons in all parts of the world, – China, Africa, US, and South America. Our expertise at tracing persons has enabled financial institutions to re-engage with subjects who had been missing for years. State agencies use our tracing services and return repeatedly to Aserve to use our various range of services.


Our procedure for dealing with trace inquiries is different to other investigators. We log all cases on to our bespoke tracking system. Work is sent to one of our Tracing Researchers for initial inquiries. These researchers have vast experience and expertise conducting desktop research. Our desktop investigation techniques are in-depth and very detailed. Because we have a network of over 50 inquiry field agents throughout the country who know their areas and its inhabitants our inquiries have much higher success rates than normal. We give our local tracing agent specific instructions and information to guide them on their inquiries.

Our tracking system is used by our office managers and researchers to monitor and manage the progress of traces inquiries. Most importantly all, inquiries are carried out in a prompt and timely manner.