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Aserve has recently expanded the list of working Agents in the Tipperary area to six agents to ensure that there is full coverage both in the county and neighbouring counties.   Nationwide there are over fifty Agents operating in all counties and Agents will work together to share knowledge in a trace inquiry should this be necessary, i.e., if a subject has moved location geographically.

As stated all Agents are retired Gardai and so bring over 30 years’ experience of legal and investigative procedures to the role.  In addition to this Aserve ensures that all Agents and Research staff are licensed by the Private Security Authority and undergo a fully comprehensive training process in the area of document serving and tracing.    This training includes:

Aserve have set fees for the service of documents and do not charge travel costs or expenses which makes for a very cost effective service for our clients.

For this set fee, a minimum of three attempts at service is guaranteed, however, given the quality and tenacity of the Aserve Agents, it is often they will exceed this number of attempts to try ensure the successful service of the documents.