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Probate Searches and Investigations

As part of our Trace or Status Report inquiries, we can sometimes identify subjects or their next of kin in online research. In some cases, it may be prudent and appropriate to carry out probate research. Initially this can be done via probate indexes. The online indexes provide the minimum information necessary in order to identify the correct file. More information can be found in the full probate files which are only available offline.

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Most probate files contain both a copy of the will and a copy of the grant of administration/grant of probate. Both contain relevant information regarding tracing a subject’s beneficiaries.

The last Will of a deceased lists those the subject wished to benefit from their estate and often their relationship to the subject. The grant lists the full name and addresses of the grantees – they are the executors of the estate. Their relationship to the subject is often listed too. Such information is very important to solicitors when making inquiries re property rights or ownership of any asset mentioned in such document.

Will and probate records are held in a variety of repositories throughout Ireland and the UK. Where the record is held depends on where and when the subject died and where their assets were held.

As part of our Probate Record Retrieval Service, we will:

Identify the correct repository where the probate record is held

Make an application to obtain the file in question, and pay all relevant fees to the record repository. Depending on the repository where the records are held, we may have to make a paper application or travel to the repository and obtain the records in person.

Following our application to obtain the record, it may be a number of weeks before the record is made available to us. On receipt of the documents, we will prepare our report for you and make recommendations regarding next steps. As well as our report, copies of the document can be provided digitally to you.

Our service is - All Inclusive and includes where necessary:

Application Fees due to the repository where the probate files are held

Admin fees, such as postage, reader’s tickets etc.

Preparation of Aserve report on document including recommendations for next steps.

Travel to the repository to obtain the records in person.

NB: Please note these searches are carried out by qualified and experienced researchers, who have years of experience researching in a variety of record repositories and archives.