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Banks / Credit Unions / HP, Leasing & Finance companies, etc.

Aserve are the largest provider of ancillary services to the financial & legal sectors in Ireland. We can provide the services directly or through a legal firm acting on your behalf. We currently have Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) in place with all of the main banks, credit unions, finance & leasing companies. Apart from that we have SLA’s in place with over 800 legal firms in Ireland. We are the largest provider of specialist ancillary services to those sectors (Tracing / Vacancy - Occupancy checks / Status-Lifestyle reports / Summons - Process serving etc. see full list on services page).

At Aserve we appreciate the highly regulated environment our commercial clients work in and to this end, we operate to the same standards employed by financial institutions. Aserve meet the highest auditing standards.

Why Choose Aserve?

One point of contact for all our services - Aserve head office has a team of full-time experienced staff that manage all your requirements. Available all day, Monday to Friday. Urgent 24hr service also available.

Staff: Experienced knowledgeable staff based at our head office to assist with your service requirements. We source the best people (Third Level Graduates) and people with exceptional experience and expertise. They are assigned roles and responsibility for which they have proven expertise. Highly experienced research specialists in dealing with all aspects of our work. Their expertise includes backgrounds in the Legal, Financial, Corporate & Insurance, Ancestry / Genealogy, & Policing sectors.

National network of field agents - Over 50 Field Inquiry Agents & Summons Servers in Ireland with knowledge of the geographical areas and their inhabitants. Discreet and highly trained agents, all of whom have signed Data Protection & Confidentiality Agreements.
International worldwide network for overseas process serving & inquiries. Bespoke workflow tracking system which enables clients to ascertain up to date progress reports on their projects.

Up to 95% positive results for Process Serving & Tracing.
The knowledge that over 1,000 Legal and Financial firms in Ireland and abroad already use our services.
Confidentiality and discretion. We maintain the highest Data Protection Standards. Testimonials available on request.