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DESKTOP / Skip tracing

Aserve provide Desktop Tracing Services with set fees and we are the most successful tracing services company operating in Ireland. No other company in the business has our level of expertise or standards. We are the only company in this business that has achieved the following three standards; ISO-9001Quality Company Accreditation, ISO-14001 Environmental Management Accreditation, & PSA 42 Private Investigation Contractor Assessment Standard.

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Our office researchers (all University graduates) and Aserve management are skilled in desktop research, including all forms of Social-Media, Print Media, Probate, Land Registry, CRO and numerous specialist search engines. It may also include specialist UK address checks & search engines.

Our Process:

Aserve trace inquiries use a combination of desktop research, local agent intelligence and enquiries. Our results are much higher than normal and that is down to the skill and expertise of our research staff.


We have specialised desktop researchers that will check a subject’s social media on-line posts. They are also expert in the use of numerous search engines to find additional background information on a subject that they have not disclosed and may vital to how a case is approached by an insurance underwriter. Our office research investigators are expert at finding such information on subjects. This is probably one of the most underrated investigation techniques, but it should be regarded as one of the most important. Our team of office-based investigators are the most expert of any in the business. Aserve use the usual Social Media search engines. However, we also use other less well-known search engines that are very relevant to finding information of interest to a subject trace.


We sourced the best people (Third Level Graduates) and people with exceptional experience and expertise. They are assigned roles and responsibility for which they have proven expertise. Highly experienced research specialists in dealing with all aspects of our work. Their expertise includes backgrounds in the Legal, Financial, Corporate & Insurance, Ancestry / Genealogy, & Policing sectors.

A team with this range of expertise gets the best possible outcome for all clients. Our desktop tracing & skip tracing reports, are checked thoroughly to ensure they are concise and fully complete before they are returned. Training and personal development of staff was given the highest priority within Aserve.

The staff and management all work out of our headquarters office and our staff get best possible advice from experienced professional managers.

Our legal clients use Aserve continually for trace inquiries because we get the best results in the most compliant manner possible. They are very impressed with tracing agent results and we get continual repeat business from our base of over 900 clients. We have located persons in all parts of the world, – China, Africa, US, and South America. Our expertise at tracing persons has enabled Legal, Financial and corporate institutions to re-engage with subjects who had been missing for years.

“Our aim is to provide ancillary services to our clients, undertaken by, well trained, and experienced personnel who know how to achieve results”.