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Aserve have set fees and no travel charges with full nationwide service guaranteed for summons serving / process serving and tracing. We have over fifty (50) summons servers and tracing agents nationwide, nineteen (19) in the Dublin area. All our Summons servers / Process servers and tracing agents are Garda Vetted, register & licenced P.I Investigators with the Private Security Authority.

We have summons servers / Process servers and tracing agents in all areas of the city, from South County Dublin, North County Dublin, Dublin city centre city and all around the outskirts of Dublin.

All our summons servers and tracing agents are retired members of An Garda Siochana who have served a minimum of 30 years in the police and all retired with exemplary service records.  Aserve also ensure that each individual agent is registered with the Private Security Authority and all carry a valid PSA Identification Card at all times.

A summons server / process server or Tracing agent must be licensed with the PSA and all our summons servers & tracing agents are fully licenced. It is a requirement that any summons server who undertakes enquiries about an individual is licensed, and therefore our clients have the benefit of knowing that our service is fully regulated and complies with all regulations governing locating or tracing a subject.  It often transpires that a subject may have moved from one locality to another and there is regularly a requirement that our agent needs to make such enquiries.

All of our summons servers and tracing agents have worked in the Dublin area, and know the city and its outskirts exceptionally well. They have vast experience in the service of legal documents, summons, court papers, witness summons, debt claim notices and subpoenas. There is no area within Dublin that our summons servers and tracing agents are not familiar with.

Given the location of our Dublin summons servers and tracing agents, we can arrange for the collection of documents from our Dublin based client’s offices for service on subjects at a moment’s notice, anywhere in the country.

We have regularly been asked to meet with clients at the High Court to collect documents for immediate service.

Aserve have set fees for the service of documents and do not charge travel costs or expenses which makes for a very cost effective service for our clients.

Re service of documents set fee includes, a minimum of 3 attempts at service. However, given the quality and tenacity of our agents, it is often the case that they will make as many attempts as necessary until they get the job done.

All of our agents undertake rigorous background checks, and training prior to being employed by Aserve and annual mandatory training is a requirement of each agent we use.

Our training programme covers:-

  • Data Protection,
  • the service of documents to ensure “good service”
  • correct endorsement of documents,
  • correct completion of Aserve Declaration Forms
  • Health & Safety Issues
  • IT Training

The local knowledge which each agent can employ is invaluable in ensuring that our positive service level of summons serving is the highest in the sector.

On the rare occasion a summons server cannot locate a subject, they have the back-up from our Office Researchers (who are all licensed investigators in their own right with the PSA) who can carry out Desktop Enquiries to establish the whereabouts of a subject if necessary.

By using Aserve’s Dublin Process Servers, our clients have the confidence and assurance that their summons, court documents or trace inquiries are promptly and efficiently dealt with, by highly trained, proficient individuals who will carry out their work in a professional manner, getting the best results possible. Positive results for Aserve are the best in the business up to 95% positive.