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With a base of over 900 clients, Aserve is the largest provider of Process Serving and P.I ancillary services to the Legal, Financial, Corporate, Insurance, Government & Local Government agencies in Ireland. Aserve has a national network of over 50 Inquiry Field Agents nationwide, spread across the entire island, and a team of 9 experienced Researchers and Management staff that can provide Process Serving / Summons Serving, Tracing and other services across the island of Ireland in a fast, efficient and competent manner.

One Point of Contact


High Level Reporting

Data Protection

Fully licenced, Insured and accredited to the highest standard.

PSA Licence No. 06002.
EQA-PSA42 Approved P.I. Contractors.
ISO-9001 Quality Company Standard.
ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.

Membership of “World Association of Professional Investigators”. We offer our clients one point of contact with experienced staff for all our services.


All our staff and agents are trained to the highest standard to ensure they can provide the most professional service to our clients. Staff are highly trained within Aserve and receive extensive training on the following, Data Protection, Consumer Protection Code; Process Serving/Summons Serving; Tracing inquiries; IT security; Health & Safety etc. They must complete CPD training continually to ensure they are up to date with all matters of importance and concern to their work and above all to our clients. All our Field agents must have completed and passed the PSA Private Investigators training course. Then they receive job specific training from Aserve to ensure they carry out their inquiries to the highest standards and get the best results possible for our clients.

INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE NETWORK of Process Servers & Tracing Agents in the – UK / Europe / US / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / S. America / Africa. See our international page

Our Promise

To provide the best service in a timely manner. We ensure accuracy and confidentiality every step of the way. All our reports to clients are double checked and verified by office management to ensure they meet the highest standards. We have a refined methodology and strict approach to data protection compliance and confidentiality.

Aserve Office Team: Aserve have a vastly experienced management team based at our head office in Athlone. They have unrivalled expertise which includes backgrounds in Legal, Financial, Insurance, Ancestry / Genealogy, & Policing sectors. Most important of all the inquiries are carried out in a legitimate manner and achieve the best outcomes possible for our clients.

Field Agent Network: Our national network of over 50 agents throughout the entire island are vastly experienced and are very knowledgeable of their geographical locations and its inhabitants. Our positive results are excellent and obtained in the most legitimate manner possible. All field inquiry agents are fully PSA accredited Private Investigators. They operate exclusively for Aserve and are people who have served full and distinguished careers within the Police (Garda & PSNI) prior to becoming Process Servers / Summons Servers / Tracing Agents with Aserve. All Aserve Agents & Staff must sign a contract and upon being engaged by Aserve which have Data Protection, Confidentiality and Health & Safety clauses.