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Summons Servers

Aserve works closely with many financial institutions, including Banks, Private Equity Firms, Debt Management Companies and Credit Unions. With over 70 PSA licenced, summons servers / process servers, tracing agents and specialist investigators nationwide we guarantee full nationwide service with set fees and no travel charges. We have summons servers and tracing agents in every county in Ireland

Aserve’s Summons Servers / Process servers are trained, experienced and have a knowledge of the legal requirements in Irish law, to formally serve summonses, complaints, subpoenas, writs and other court papers to a defendant, respondent or witness.

Our process server / summons servers work strictly in accordance with the court rules as set out under Irish legislation. Aserve summons servers will serve documents personally or sub-serving to someone in the same household or business. After delivery of financial papers our summons servers / process servers, provide proof via a declaration of service or an Affidavit of Service. All Aserve’s process servers / summons servers are licenced by the Private Security Authority, to make inquiries in order to locate and serve summonses. Our Process Servers / Summons Servers are trained and understand all the court requirements and court rules as regards service of documents within a particular time period, locations where service can be lawfully achieved and who can be served.

Our Promise

Our nationwide agent network guarantees that we can coordinate and serve financial and legal papers to any number of subjects in various locations simultaneously.

In some instances, speed is of the essence for financial institutions. For urgent cases Aserve will organise  the collection of documents at a moment’s notice and arrange for service on the same day. Our set fees for normal service cover a minimum of 3 attempts at service and we don’t charge mileage. We can also tailor our service to an individual client’s needs.

Our summons servers provide detailed declarations of service for preparing affidavits. Our agent will swear the affidavits of service without delay and have them returned to the client within 5 working days or sooner if required.

What is the most important issue you have when you send an inquiry / trace / summons for service?

I suggest the answer to that is question is:

JOB TRACKING – Make sure the document is tracked from the time it leaves your office, to the time it reaches the summons server and each attempt at service is properly recorded to show due diligence, and when a document is served that the job is properly recorded and returned to the legal person dealing with same.

JOB MANAGEMENT – To track a summons properly, it must be managed by someone and that responsibility falls on the summons server/process server once they receive the document, for as long as it is in their possession. Our job Management systems has not only a person in charge of following the progress of the document but also an encrypted computer tracking system to track and manage the summons servers /process servers actions all through the process.

JOB COMPLETION WITHIN A REASONABLE TIME – All summonses have a time line for completion and Aserve expect their summons servers to have documents returned served within two weeks of them receiving same. When required we can serve documents immediately.

Our Secure Tracking and Management system ensures all of the above with the added advantage that you can monitor its progress without even a phone call.