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Insurance Forensic experts

Aserve have a team of over seventy (70) expert investigators who developed their skillset working as investigators in the Garda Siochana and NI Police service. All our investigators are retired policemen who served over thirty (30) years as investigators in the police.

Aserve is employed by insurance underwriters to;

Carry out investigations; Obtain statements; Forensically examine the scene; Photograph the scene and items of evidence at the scene; Obtain statements from Injured parties, Witnesses, Suspected offenders; Claimants; verify information provided by Subjects, Claimants, Suspected offenders, Injured parties or witnesses; and give expert evidence to a court.

We investigate:

Road Traffic Accidents: Insurance claims as a result of Road Traffic Accidents are the most common type of insurance claim. We take statements and analyse all the circumstances from a forensic and legal point of view. Our Road Traffic Accident investigators are expert in the field of road traffic investigation and taking statements. They are expert and knowledgeable on the Road Traffic Legislation and fully aware of the law and legislation applying to all road traffic users. Our investigators are capable and expert at examining the  scene of a traffic accident for possible evince, preparing a map or sketch for court purposes, making analytical decisions based on evidence gathered and statements obtained. Preparing a report with conclusions based on verifiable evidence.

Damage claims including: Water damage, Wind damage, Fire damage, etc.

Water damage claims can be caused by a variety of issues including, natural causes such as frost, rain, wind, accidental by means of burst or leaking pipe, attempted repair or interference by unqualified tradesman.

Wind damage claims are very common especially during the autumn and winter months when bad storms are common. However human error or indeed human maliciousness during a storm period can be a cause of wind damage.

Fire damage is a major cause of insurance claims and we have experts that are qualified to examine fire scenes, obtain evidence from the fire scene, locate the seat of the fire, draw an expert conclusion as to the cause of the fire, and make a recommendation on whether a fire was accidental or malicious.

Damage as a result of malicious intent including a deliberate act by an individual or individuals can be difficult to prove but such acts can leave a sign that an expert investigator will find and prove the damage was malicious.

Goods reported lost or stolen need investigation to ensure that a claim is not spurious or exaggerated. Aserve investigators are expert when checking the veracity of a claimants story.

Our expert investigators are expert at investigating a wide range of claims against insurers.

Our agent network of retired Gardaí with over 30 years investigative experience specialise in areas including road traffic accidents, fire and accidental damage claims, goods reported lost or stolen, criminal damage, document and expert handwriting examination. Their experience allows them to comprehensively investigate claims, including the taking statements from injured parties, witnesses, and claimants. They also prepare detailed reports, create detailed sketches, take photographs, provide maps, and provide expert observations for insurance underwriters to analyse and quantify a claim.

Forensic Expert Witnesses

With a team of over seventy (70) retired policemen and women, Aserve have has experts to obtain scientific evidence to proof whether or not an injury or damage occurred according to the claimant’s account of events. Aserve’s trained forensic experts testify in court if or when clients request further action by taken to the Gardaí.

Aserve investigators examine the physical evidence associated with the case and gives you a clear view of whether or not there is evidence to prove that the claim is fraudulent. Combined with the client’s knowledge of the case and its history, this permits a decision on how to proceed with the case

Forensic Insurance Investigators help to: