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Insurance Fraud Investigation

This is an area that Aserve is expert. It has over seventy (70) retired Garda and NI police working for the company. All of those retired police investigators have served over 30 years within the police service and retired with a distinguished service rating.  The head office staff, managers and researchers are experts in investigation, evaluation of information and decimation of fraudulent or bogus claims. Because of this Aserve is regarded as the best and most professional investigation company in Ireland. We are the only company in this area of expertise to have attained the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Company certification standard.        
Our expert fraud investigators will find verifiable evidence to show and prove if a claimant is lying, exaggerating a claim or making a fraudulent claim. Our investigators will establish whether or not an insurance claimant is deceitful or untruthful or exaggerating a claim. It prevents those seeking compensation for false or inflated claims proceeding and our investigations often result in claimant withdrawing their claim. Insurance fraud is illegal and causes the cost of insurance to increase for everyone.

Our agents are fully trained experts in insurance fraud investigation and establishing the legitimacy of a claim thus providing our clients with verified certain information on which to proceed.

Types of Insurance Fraud Investigation

Health Insurance

This fraud investigation confirms whether the claimant is receiving the healthcare they are claiming. Investigators will compare patient records and doctors reports to ensure no collusion is involved.

Car Insurance

Fraud investigators assess accidents to determine validity to the claimant report. Another type of car insurance fraud is vehicle theft fraud. It is whereby a person tries to get money for a car that has not stolen.

Home Insurance
Fraud Investigators decide after thorough checks if a home insurance claim for damage or disaster is truthful. Investigating agents verify the commencement date of the insurance and compare it to the time and amount the claim was submitted.

Life Insurance

This type of investigation uncovers if the claimant is still alive while claiming and whether the amount is larger than the stated insurance cover.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This kind of insurance is for employees who claim compensation for work-related injury. Insurance investigators confirm the severity of the injury and if the accident or injury occurred during work.

Insurance Company Fraud

This kind of investigation happens when a corporation partakes in bad practices such as insufficiently compensating clients for services charged. Insurance fraud investigators can be called to give statements based on their findings in court cases.
Methods of Insurance Fraud Investigation

Our agents thoroughly investigate all alleged facts about a claim. All allegations are verified, to establish their authenticity or falsehood so the Insurance Underwriter can make a decision

Various methods are used to establish the facts in insurance claims.

Common Techniques employed by Aserve in Insurance Fraud Investigation