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Asset Tracing

Aserve is one of Ireland’s leading firms in asset tracing, investigations and recovery. Our Asset Tracing researchers have extensive experience in fraud investigations and recovery of assets. We have broad experience of locating assets of individuals and companies who are evading their creditors.
To ensure maximum efficient asset tracing and recovery, we use advanced techniques, combining accountancy based investigative methods with business intelligence, forensic technology and local intelligence sources from our 70+ agent network of retired Gardai (Irish Police).

Aserve undertakes an Asset Trace investigations to establish registered ownership of properties and to determine whether an individual may have fraudulently transferred assets to place them beyond the reach of a financial creditor.
In some circumstances, our financial clients seek an Asset Trace to recover debt through the disposal of assets, an individual or firm might own.
What are identifiable assets?
Assets are everything owned by a business or an individual that converted to money.
Assets can be real estate, stocks and shares, possessions, intellectual property rights, company assets (e.g. property, plant and equipment), vehicles, livestock, boats etc.

Tracing Hidden Assets

To make informed decisions Aserve’s Asset Tracing agents establish the details reflecting the actual financial property of the debtor. Tracing hidden asset helps inform the creditor of any and all previously hidden assets.
In determining all assets, hidden or real wealth, our skilled nationwide team of asset tracing and recovery agents investigates:

• Corporate assets and connections: your debtor could own companies, brands, trademarks, factories, offices, heavy equipment, stock, websites – anything of value owned by a business

• Related party transactions (RPTs): Assets hidden by ownership, business deals or arrangements between two parties linked through ownership, personal or family ties.

• Offshore assets and property: Asset Trace on a debtor with foreign companies, investment funds, property, land, and insurance policies outside their country of residence. They often enjoy favorable tax benefits.

• Directorships: Company positions that are appointed to manage the company on behalf of a company. Asset tracers investigate directorships for suspicions of the use of the latest, digital manipulation and data processing techniques used to sell off asset secretly.

Aserve offers a range of services nationwide, distinctively catering for the needs of financial institutions. A specifically designed, encrypted, secure and password protected online tracking system allows clients to view the progress of their projects. In the current economic climate, Aserve will enable financial intuitions to make informed, rational and fair decisions. We are a single point of contact providing experts and agents with specific investigative skills who bring with them invaluable experience, knowledge and training, built up over many years.

Aserve provide a one stop shop for all our suite of services listed above. This is particularly useful when conduction Asset Trace and recovery investigations. We have a specialised computer tracking system to which clients have full access to monitor cases in real time. Our network of over 40 agents and experts all have first-hand experience in delivering our specialised services.