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Summons Serving / Process Serving

With over 70 summons servers, tracing agents and investigators, Aserve has the best team of fully trained and experienced summons servers/ process servers in Ireland. With our network we guaranteed full coverage throughout the whole of the country. All our summons servers / process servers and tracing agents are retired Gardai / NI Police that served over thirty years in the police serving in specialist units including detective branch. All are fully licenced with the Private Security Authority.

We provide continuous training to ensure all our summons servers and tracing agents are up to date with the most recent requirements of the PSA, Data Protection, Legal, Financial and Insurance sectors. Data Protection and confidentiality are of the highest priority to Aserve and all Aserve summons servers and tracing agents.

All our summons servers and tracing agents attend CPD on a yearly basis and must attend training before they can work for Aserve.

Aserve are Licenced Investigating Contractors, Licence No. 06002 and the only company in this business to have attained the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Company Certification. All our policies and procedures are audited to ensure thy meet the highest standards.

Our success rates for summons serving / process serving is the highest in the business with over 90% success rate.

On serving legal papers, our summons server / process server provides a declaration setting out all the circumstances of a case. In the case of a positive serve, it will detail the manner of the service, personal or other, and will provide detailed information on which an affidavit of service can be completed afterwards. In the event that our summons server was unsuccessful and failed to serve a document it will provide all the information required to apply to the court for for sub-service. Our summons server / process server will prepare this declaration on a set template that covers all requirements. This information provided in these declarations has been the source complements from Judges in the courts. It is set out clearly and concisely. Affidavit of Service can be prepared with ease from these Aserve declarations.

Strict Rules Governing Serving Legal Papers

Our professionally trained qualified agents have over 30 years experience in serving legal erving. Our clients can be confident of service excellence one hundred percent of the time.

When An Individual Cannot Be Found

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Providing Evidence of Served Legal Paper

It is essential to prove to a court that a reasonable attempt was made actually to serve the defendant or the person named. Hiring of a professional process server and you can seek ‘Substitute Service’.

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The various types of documents that can be served on an individual: