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Insurance Investigations

Personal Injury insurance investigations have become increasingly the norm in Ireland. Fraudulent claims are a concern for the industry and increasingly Insurance companies are seeking the assistance of specialist investigators to validate and verify the accuracy of claims being submitted.   Aserve will investigate a claim thoroughly, to ensure it’s genuine and not exaggerated. Aserve investigators are all retired Gardai or Northern Ireland police who retired with full and exemplary service records after serving over thirty years in the police service. Aserve have an agent network of over seventy specialist investigators spread geographically throughout the country. Their skill set and experience built up during their service in the police includes, Road Traffic Investigations, Fire and Criminal Damage investigations, including damage caused by fire. Aserve have investigators who are expert in Scenes of Crime investigations including fire scene investigations. Our road traffic investigators are expert in the investigation and legislation surrounding road traffic investigations. Personal injury claims are often exaggerated and sometimes incidents are set up to create a personal injury claim. Our insurance investigators will clarify whether a person is making a genuine or fraudulent claim. They investigate subjects (individuals) making personal injury claims to establish the facts of each case.

One of the most important parts of an insurance investigation is obtaining written statements from claimants (injured parties), witnesses and of course the insured. Aserve’s skilled insurance investigators will illicit all possible information from a subject when they take a statement. This is vital to any insurance investigation, particularly where a personal injury claim is involved.  Such statements will form the basis on which future decisions in a case are based.

Another important part of an insurance investigation is a visit to a scene and preparation of sketches, measurements and photographs from the scene. Aserve investigators are skilled in these area of investigation. Their skillset with specialist units have honed their ability and expertise in such areas of investigation.

Our document and handwriting experts are regarded by the courts, including the high court as expert witnesses when giving evidence in relation to documents or handwriting. To an insurance investigation this is sometimes vital to prove the authenticity of handwriting or documents.


Aserve insurance investigators are expert witnesses and very experienced at giving evidence in court.

Other areas of expertise:

Local inquiry investigators:

Our investigators can provide background details and current status of a subject. This can be done by means of on the ground inquiries by a locally based agent who knows the geographical area and it populous. Inquiries carried out within an area by an experienced insurance investigator will illicit information and facts in relation to a subject that would be impossible to obtain without knowing and having the trust of the local people.

Desktop insurance investigations:

We have specialised desktop researchers that will check a subjects social media on-line posts. They are also expert in the use of numerous search engines to find additional background information on a subject that they have not disclosed and may vital to how a case is approached by an insurance underwriter. Our office research investigators are expert at finding such information on subjects. This is probably one of the most underrated investigation techniques, but it should be regarded as one of the most important. Our team of office based insurance investigators are the most expert of any in the business. Aserve use the usual Social Media search engines. However we also use other less well known search engines that are very relevant to finding information of interest to an insurance investigation.

The Aserve insurance investigation combines the results of our researchers and investigating agents to establish the facts and produce a comprehensive and detailed report on an insurance claim. This report allows our clients form a view as to the veracity and authenticity of a claim.