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Tracing Agents (Tracing missing persons)

Our tracing agent services are the most successful of an company in the business. With over 70 tracing agents we have intimate knowledge of every county and its inhabitants. Our tracing agent researchers based at out head office in Athlone are highly trained, motivated and knowledgeable as to our clients requirements. They coordinate and manage our tracing agent inquiries and ensure all possible lead are followed to achieve a successful outcome. Our trace agent outcomes are the best in the business. More than double the norm within the industry. Local tracing agent information and good intelligence combined with knowledgeable and skilled office researchers ensure we provide the most professional Tracing agent service in the country. All our tracing agents in the field are retired Gardai (police) who all have over 30 years full service records within the police. All our trace agent office managers have experience in Policing, Banking, and Insurance. They know what is required and this assists our field agents and clients. Our financial clients use our trace inquiry service to establish the whereabouts of an individual who has ceased communicating with them.

Data Protection

Aserve understands that all gathered data on a person is private and confidential. Our agents treat all data with respect and sensitivity. We believe in yielding accurate and timely results during and after all our investigations.

Our Process

Aserve uses a combination of desktop research and local agent enquiries. We have found that there is a higher than normal success rate given the combined approach and the close working relationship between our office researchers and other officials.

Success for Our Clients & Theirs

Our financial tracing agents have located persons who have moved from their last known address to new locations even outside of Ireland  – China, Africa, US, and South America. Our tracing service has enabled our clients to re-engage with these missing subjects. Relocation of missing persons allows for the creation of new repayment structures or enables our clients to commence litigation proceedings to recover debts.


When a trace request is received from a client it is logged on to our tracking system and sent to our Tracing Researcher. The researcher will, send an information request form on the subject to the client who will complete with as much information as possible. Researcher will then all the carry out a desktop trace, i.e. searches of various Social Media search engines, CRO and possibly Land Registry. All searches inquiries carried out will then be sent to an agent in the locality we believe subject may be residing.

The agent will receive specific instructions and information to help with their inquiries.

When an agent receives a Trace Request he/she will acknowledge receipt of the job on the tracking system and update the system with all inquiries and developments. The office will liaise with the agent as the trace inquiry progresses. When agent has completed his inquiry he will return a report to the Aserve office. This is analysed and further inquiries are sought or a report is prepared and forwarded to the client.